How does it work?

Why a fundraising platform?

We’re glad you want to raise money for a research or teaching project at Leiden University!

Our platform consists of individual fundraising pages, which:

  • are personal and unique
  • make it easy to keep track of your fundraiser and get people to sponsor you
  • make it safe and easy to donate

Individual or team fundraiser?

Do you want to start an individual fundraiser? Or do a group of you want to raise money for the same cause? If the latter is the case, it is best to create a team fundraiser.

Existing project

If you want to start a fundraiser for an existing project at Leiden University, you can start straight away. If the project has not yet been launched, contact us first to discuss the options.

Start your own fundraiser

  1. Create a fundraising page for yourself or your whole team.
  2. Personalise the fundraising page by adding information, photos and videos.
  3. Share your fundraiser on social media.
  4. Add regular updates for your donors.

Prefer to donate instead?

Support a fundraiser on our platform or make a general donation.